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Allure Homme Photo

Alfa Shots



Summer is coming

Velden am Wörthersee

I like the combination of a city with stylish cafes and shops and the great Wörthersee - so Velden is one of my favourite places for holiday in Austria. Watch the sunrise over the Wörthersee and have every meal from breakfast to dinner in nice restaurants directly at the water - but at the same time be in a stylish place where it seems only Ferrari and Porsche are on the streets

very stylish Christine-ringelsocken-session ;)
Zoo photos

photos from Zoo Schönbrunn Vienna

Madame Tussauds in Wien
Meet all the stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga and sit in the office with Barack -
enjoy stylish photos in this album at Madame Tussauds in Wien!

Fall / Winter

Winter - Freezin' Cool Photos


Summer Tropez

Streetparade Wien 2013

Beatmonique & DJ Mike Syron



Beauty in every day

stylishe Modelfotos

A sunny day, shooting a model which can dance and act - that's great light pictures with atmosphere of spring

Autumn photos

Autumn Style
Herbstfotos, Blätter und Bäume

Malta & Gozo

Summer paradise

Wien seen and shot with my new 10mm lens, I like that wide perspectives very much. Also a nice advantage of my Sony SLR with crop factor only 1,5, because these Canon and Nikon have 1,6 and therefore less wideangle

Lomo Supersampler & Lomo Actionsampler
Lomo Photos with Supersampler and Actionsampler cameras - very fun


Wearing a smile
Stylische Wien im Sommer Photos

Riverside Liesing

Riverside Liesing & Red Bull Formel 1
Formula 1 Red Bull in Wien!

Gran Canaria

Gummibärli Session
Wörthersee - Reifnitz, Velden, Pörtschach
BeatMonique + DJ Doozer
Düsseldorf photos

Düsseldorf - Song Contest Stadt
the images to the Soundtrack of Nadine Beiler


Summer 09
nature, architecture and beautiful places photography

Gröbming & Schladming
Viva la vida
Candy store
Wild Wild West : Kärnten, Tirol, Vorarlberg
Italia 2008 Venedig & Caorle
Formel 2000 Racing

Prag City Photo Session

My Prag Photos are also published @ News.at, one of Austria's biggest Web Portals

Underground PhotoWorx + Kalte Symmetrie
In 2003 with these pictures, I won the 1st Prize at the art photo contest "Wiener Werkstattpreis" :)

Oktoberfest München 05./06.10.2007 Citytrip :-)

Buena Vista
Italia 2007
GELB ! dedicated to my favourite color!
Partykultur partyfotospecial by Markus Jerko
An Hour from Tirol
Photoshoot with Alexa

BE SO HAPPY Markus Jerko Photomix

Bratislava & Trnava Creative City Impressions

DJ Observer Portrait Photos
one of my photos here is printed in a Music Magazine in Hungary !!

2 of my photos from this shoot published in Austria's big newspaper "Österreich"

3 photos published in music magazine Partysan

My Photo-Hommage to one of the best places in Vienna

Viky Raider

Food - Eat - Drink Photography
bon appetit !

Boat, Vali & Rock'n'Roll

Eva & Herbert on a Rainy Sunday

My Photos from this Shoot are published @ Networld News.at , one of Austria's biggest Web portals

Fascinated by the Look of You

DJ Tiesto @ Hafen Freudenau Vienna 29 7 2006

Beauty's in the Details, Baby!


PARADISE CITY with dj observer and friends :)
MAZDA 6 Week
At a Photo-Competition, I've won a MAZDA 6 SPORT (with the top-equipping!) to drive for 10 days!
SONJA's Herbstkollektion
Man trägt wieder BLAUE SCHALS !
One Day Summer
we had not many summer days this year, but this one was hot :)
also published on NEWS.at !

* Sunkissed *

Manu sucht Frau ;-)
On a fun trip out of the city, in the fields, doing it "Farmer-Style" ;-)
HIPHOP VIDEO ;-) Graffiti Style Photosession
Can't You Tell I'm Havin' Fun

Rock, Punk & the way you swing your hips in jeans
Folge Meinem Eigenen Stern!
Fasching is schon vorbei - na und !! ;)
1. COOL outdoor session @ 13 3 2004 with CHRISTINE :)

Dani bathing with Nani

Summer Sunshine

PLAKATiv originelle Kompositionen von Plakaten und ihrer Umgebung

LoveParade Vienna 6:7:02 Best Pix

All Photography (c) Dipl.Ing. MARKUS JERKO